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#3 Embrace the Dolphin Spirit with Dov

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  • 4/24/2015
  • Blogger: dj



Welcome to my pages dear sisters.  Celebrating our collaboration is manifesting in many forms. Knowing one another is so much easier with this beautiful "home site" please visit and contribute to my BraveHeart Women blogs, Auntie DJ's Musical Medicine Chest, for music that inspires and also  group for "All Earth Wise Women", I would be honored to have you participate by sharing your stories and perspective. 

During my walk on this planet I have experienced much, studied more and listened deeply to the whispers life offers as direction  I "responded to the call of sisterhood, collaboration and creative empowerment" to participate here., as you have.  I honor that trust.

 Love Us!

I can be found online as Donna Jo Thornton on Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter.Instagram, Google +.  

My entertainment portal is found at

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#3 Embrace the Dolphin Spirit with Dov

dj 4/24/2015