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8 Realities You Must Accept If You Truly Want to Succeed at Anything

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8 Realities You Must Accept If You Truly Want to Succeed at Anything


Emily Eldredge
Emily Eldredge

Founder & CEO of Emily International
"The Demon Whisperer"
Creator of The Drawing Out Process®, The CEO Solution™, & Guiding Star Leaders™

Speaker, Life Velocity Luminary, and two-time TEDx presenter, Emily Eldredge is the Founder and CEO of Emily International, creator of the Drawing Out Process®, and creator of the CEO Solution™.  She is a commitment to being and creating Guiding Star Leaders™.

Following years of mental and emotional struggle, Emily invented the Drawing Out Process® out of her determination to permanently release the "inner demons" that plagued her, and the result is a technique that has been dubbed "a truly life-changing experience", “exactly what therapy should be”, and "up there with pet rocks and sliced bread - really good ideas that spread all over the world". 

Through working with everyone from children to executives to inmates, Emily has discovered that there are 3 universal inner struggles, why they exist, and how they can be unleashed to fuel one’s highest potential.  A charismatic, dynamic, and experienced speaker, she has presented her work at venues around the world, including Asia, South America, and two different TED events - one of which was the very first TEDx in a prison.  

Emily's guiding belief is, "A true Master is not one with the most students but one who creates the most Masters."
Her passion - and compassion - for working with CEOs and others in leadership positions stems from her having been a "secret struggler" herself.  Her purpose is to work directly with world leaders, freeing them of their inner struggles so that they may live and lead others with greater clarity, wisdom, and ease. 

Emily was a founder of September Space and World Cares Center, which does disaster relief work around the world.  She is also on the Founders Board of the Intentional Community Corporation, spearheaded by the amazing Stuart Williams.

Emily currently lives in Tucson, AZ with her husband Paco Torres, with whom she enjoys singing, speaking French, learning Spanish, watching documentaries, dining in luxury, traveling the world, and being "weekend mom" to her two wonderful stepdaughters.  She is a graduate of the Hockaday School in Dallas and Williams College in Massachusetts.

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8 Realities You Must Accept If You Truly Want to Succeed at Anything

Emily Eldredge
Emily Eldredge 11/19/2015
8 Realities You Must Accept If You Truly Want to Succeed at Anything