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And now let's talk about DREAMS... :)

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  • 10/30/2015
  • Blogger: Babsy



My name is Barbara and my BraveHeart Sisters call me Babs, Babsy and a few others! I came to BraveHeart Women after declaring my purpose at another organization's event. Don't you just love how the Universe responds when you put something out there?! Having said that, it still took me 3 years to actually become engaged with the CommUnity. It was an email for Dance Your Buts Off (DYBO) that reached out and touched me...or actually slapped me upside the head and said...this is something I really needed to do. It was truly aligned with the purpose I had declared, which was, at that time, to facilitate women and children with low self esteem to forgive themselves, appeciate and love themselves. What better way than to introduce them to a way to release all the negative energy they have been carrying around. That stuck energy has kept them from moving forward in their lives, from opening up to what is possible for them.

From the time of taking my DYBO Certifcation course in April of 2013 and then Resonator in July of the same year, it has been such a joyous, soul and heart expanding experience. Last June I heard the Vision calling me to become an Anchor and I did not hesitate for one minute! How could I when everything within me was saying yes, Yes, YES!?

The BraveHeart Sister CommUnity is what I have been looking for my entire life. It is a safe place to come and be naked (raw and real, not necessarily physically naked)! It is here that my blossoming really began to happen and will continue throughout my life. I receive the support I require, even when it is calling me out on something that is not in alignment with my highest good or the highest good of the CommUnity and the total female gender. I have learned that as I heal myself, I am also healing for women everywhere. How beautiful is that?

My personal background is one of family, having come from a family of 7 (5 siblings) and a mother who taught us unconditional love. I feel so fortunate to have had that nurturing source. I have two beautiful daughters, one biological grandson (22 year old) and 2 wonderful children who have become my grandchildren through marriage.

The profession from which I retired (or thought I had) was as a Medical Technologist doing hospital laboratory work. I now consider myself semi-retired as I have gone back on an as needed basis.

Today, as an Anchor in the BraveHeart Women CommUnity I am joyfully assisting our beautiful Audie with Administrative work, relieving her to do some of the other work that she excels in!

I welcome all of you and am here to assist you in whatever you require on your path!

I Love My Life and BraveHeart Women!

Love us,

Barbara (Babsy)

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And now let's talk about DREAMS... :)

Babsy 10/30/2015