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Are Your Dreams & Desires Your Own? How to Tell.

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Are Your Dreams & Desires Your Own? How to Tell.


Lindsey Gemme, Confidence Mentor
Lindsey Gemme, Confidence Mentor

My name is Lindsey Gemme. I am a holistic wellness coach and confidence mentor for women. After spending most of my life dealing with debilitating low self-esteem, I had a spiritual awakening when I turned 29 that changed my entire life. After I healed myself using holistic health practices (positive self-talk, healthy eating, exercise, creativity, creating a support system, involving nature in my life, etc.), I am passionate about mentoring other women in accomplishing the same for themselves. I love my life, who I am, and who's in my life with me. It was such a long, painful journey on my own. But yours doesn't have to be. 

When not coaching, I am a writer/author, blogger, reiki master, workshop leader, and professional event and portrait photographer. I love food and cooking, crochet & various crafts, reading, hiking, riding my bike, herbalism and essential oils, and learning and growing.

I am from the east coast, but life in Arizona with my husband and three furbabies.

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Are Your Dreams & Desires Your Own? How to Tell.

Are Your Dreams & Desires Your Own? How to Tell.