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Debra Pearlman
Debra Pearlman

I am an Anchor in the BraveHeart Women Global Community as well as a New York based Corporate Business Advisor and Personal Sales Trainer and Coach. For over 25 years I've worked with clients generating annual revenues upwards of $600 million.  As an advisor, trainer, coach and speaker my clients have enjoyed increased revenues, enhanced profit margins and reduced employee turnover.


Utilizing the tools available through the BraveHeart Women Community has enhanced my clients’ results.  By combining my professional experience with these tools has afforded me the ability to provide a healthier, more holistic approach to both personal and professional growth for my clients.  


I have been voted one of the Hudson Valley’s 50 leading women entrepreneurs; was interviewed on The Wall Street Journal Report WCBS NewsRadio; I am a qualified Vistage International Speaker; I hosted my own talk radio show on FM/AM radio for four years; I am a Keynote Speaker and have published my autobiographical short story.


I love our vision, our journey - this path.


Love us, Debra

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Be a Connected, Active Listener

Debra Pearlman
Debra Pearlman 3/24/2015