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Being aware of whatever shows up

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  • 6/11/2015


Sushila M
Sushila M

My passion is learning and teaching.  20 years in school learning and 30 years teaching as a librarian had me living inside my head. To find balance and inner peace, I taught Integral Yoga in the 70’s, practiced Reiki since the 80’s, and taught Reiki and gave sessions in Rapid Eye Stress Relief since the 90’s. All of this opened my eyes and senses to how thoughts and beliefs connect to body symptoms and energy levels.

In 2009 I began attending women circles and exploring a different perspective of the dominant culture. My experiences led me to conclude that empowering women to speak up from inner strength and courage would improve women’s mental and physical health and could even support healing on our planet. But how could I help women embody this courage?

My first BraveHeart Women Rise gave me the answers. The oxytocin breath, DYBO, and the Harmony Circle introduced new patterns of being in ease instead of doing with sheer will power and adrenal overload. I started listening more to my inner needs and desires and loving my uniqueness. I didn’t hesitate to sign up for DYBO training. The more I moved and released limitations, the more excited I was to be alive, the younger my body felt with less aches and pains. I felt bolder. I tried new things.

I want to share this journey with other women who are searching for answers. The answers are inside. I now guide women through the Female Success Model with DYBO, monthly Ripples, private coaching, and retreats.

Breathing in, breathing out, feeling good.
Sushila Mertens

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Being aware of whatever shows up

Sushila M
Sushila M 6/11/2015