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Can I share who I am and why I'm here?

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  • 4/29/2015



My heart has been telling me to come back to my profession as a life coach even though I battled that idea. I finally decided to listen and have been working to fully develop a niche that is a reflection of  my soul and is of the greatest service to others. Healing the Heart for Business Success is the first product of this journey. I know there'll be more. I also do greeting cards called Lightness and Love Cards. I use photos from moments of gratitude and write the verses as a reflection of my commitment to (what else) lightness and love. My coaching is aimed at working with heart centered business people who want to change the world, make a profit and heal and support the child within themselves.  

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Can I share who I am and why I'm here?

Coachgerri 4/29/2015