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Courageous Thoughts-Courageous Life

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Dawn Krohberger
Dawn Krohberger

Called to Be...Hello BraveHeart Sisters, it is a pleasure to meet all of you.  While I feel I have found a new home within the BraveHeart community of women, let me tell you how I got here. 

I am a native New Yorker born and raised, I live on Long Island. Summers here are beautiful, I enjoy bicycling through the many trails, beaches and simply sitting in the backyard with friends. 

 As a woman in my forties I am still learning many things, not only about life but about myself.  The many roles I have learned from and still learn from is my role as mother. Although my son is now 24 years old I am still learning and unlearning many things about him and myself. We now grow together, aware that either of us is perfect but we are ok. 

I have to date, made a fairly comfortable living in the insurance industry as a licensed broker but this is not what I am called to be. I realized that my heart needed to be heard about five years ago.  I have always had a vision that I would be on a stage somewhere sharing my thoughts about love, life and world peace. Searching for what that truly meant I became an Interfaith Minister about seven years ago where I got to join couples in marriage which started to expand my thoughts on what true love and relationship truly mean, to me anyway.

Still wanting more, I joined Toastmasters International; this opened many other doors for me and helped me out of my comfort zone.  Shortly after this time, I became a life coach, a level two reiki healer and author of a children’s book “Jack out of the Box”, a story designed to elevate self-esteem in children.  I have created “Self-Worth Shop” for children, teen and adults, which is in its infancy my vision sees it as a place where people help people grow.  

 I believe in God and in miracles but I believe that either can exist without the other just as love needs compassion to be all-embracing.  My latest commitment to myself is enrolling in the Female Quantum Journey last month and I can already feel tiny little buds blossoming within. 

 To sum it all up, I am happy to be here, I am happy.

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Courageous Thoughts-Courageous Life

Dawn Krohberger
Dawn Krohberger 8/18/2015