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Doing What You Love!!

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  • 2/12/2016




My name is Janette Martin and I am new to the community.  My background is quite varied with many twists and turns.  I have worked in higher education for the past 10 years and prior to that I worked as an Administrative Assistant in various industries.  I tried hard to make higher education be my passion.  During that time I helped guide a ton of kids to college and it was rewarding but nothing to scratch the entrepreneurial itch I had to be on my own. 

I tried going to school and ended up with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Management and a few years later had the brilliant idea to get my Doctorate....well, I completed all of my coursework and was considered ABD (All but dissertation) and that's where it ended. This only added to the misery because I was stuck with huge debt.  I started a dessert business in 2004 on a whim and have been involved with it on a less than part time basis while I continued fooling myself by working for someone else.  Since the beginning of this year I've decided that now is the time!!!! Talk about 110%......I'm on the edge of the cliff just waiting to leap.  2016 is it for me.  It's now or never--LOL!!!!

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Doing What You Love!!

Janette 2/12/2016