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Food Therapy for Self Cure

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  • 10/14/2016
  • Blogger: Gina



I was born and raised in China. I studied sports medicine at Beijing Sports Institute in China and worked for several professional sports teams. In 1988 I moved to the United States. After I received a master degree of Chinese medicine and a bachelor's degree of health Science I opened my own office in Miami, Florida. I am also a licensed massage therapist. In my practice I combine massage therapy with Chinese medicine helped thousands of people quite prescription drugs, avoid surgeries, and become healthy again. From my own experience of practicing Chinese medicine I deeply felt this knowledge is full of wisdom and power. After you read my book you shall know Chinese medicine is a gift given to Chinese people from heaven. My desire is share this gift with the rest of the world. 

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Food Therapy for Self Cure

Gina 10/14/2016