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Food and the Energy Body

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Hi Braveheart Sisters! I discovered Braveheart Women in May 2015 through a friend. We went to the Harmony Tour in Boise, and I was moved by the whole experience. 

I am a mom to an 11 year old boy. I homeschool him, he is a black belt in taekwondo, and has his own "business"

I have my own business as well. I am a photographer. I love working with women for glamour and theme/conceptual portraits, as well as children's theme portraits. I also design and write the newsletter for another local business called Inner Diva, and blog on my health journal about many topics, as I am also a trained and certified holistic health coach. 

I recently got engaged to my sweetheart of 9 years! We are going to HI in August 2015 to elope on a beach, and take a family vacation. 

I love travelling, history, spirituality, dancing, photography, and writing. Feel free to friend me on Facebook, or join my women's group:

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Food and the Energy Body

Jessica 7/12/2015