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I was interviewed on "" and it aired today!

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  • 7/16/2015



 My heart and passion is shared through my pictures.  The album, "What Makes Me Tick" is a fabulous visual tour of what is important to me.

Here it is in word form ......

I am an internationally recognized author, healer, and Guide who specializes in getting people reconnected with their inner wisdom through practical, down to earth actions and approach. 

  I have  created  tools called The Swamp Map, and the Self Guidance System, to assist in Guiding you through your own inner terrain, finding gifts and insights and release and growth.  I also have several book available on Amazon

Currently, I live in Vancouver, WA with my youngest son.  My older son attends community college across the river in Portland, OR, pursuing his passion in game creation.  My daughter is heading to Hawaii to study sharks more.





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I was interviewed on "" and it aired today!

JNearents 7/16/2015