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Intense Powerful Freaky Moon

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Rev. Jaitara
Rev. Jaitara

I discovered BraveHeart Women in 2009 and instantly fell in love.  It brings me joy to connect with women heart to heart, soul to soul from a place of love, support and co-creation.  

In 2012 I became a BraveHeart Women Resonator. This is a journey that offered me expansion in unexpected ways that I am so grateful for.

Then 2013 I chose to turn in another direction to focus and nurture my vision. This path was necessary for my journey to unfold in the way it has, and for me to realign with my Powerful Truth. 

The beauty of the essence and Sistars of BraveHeart Women is always with me, no matter what. 

Through my own healing journey and years of spiritual exploration around sexual energy, I feel so blessed by my connection with Spirit and the love and peace within me.

In December 2013, I received a powerful Divine download and in that moment I knew I was birthing something that would touch lives all over the world. It was the beginning of the creation of the “Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment” The book is in its writing process now. 

It is my passion to guide for women (and conscious men) to create Spiritual alignment, healing and empowerment within their Sexual energy, so they can embody ecstatic self-love, and embrace the power of their voice through unapologetic expression in relationships and professional purpose.

I love to share how to Master the Dance of Your Feminine and Masculine Energy to create balance and harmony with self, in relationships and professionally.

I am also passionate about creating a conscious resource for the Maiden… young women and girls so they learn the power of conscious communication, understand the Sacredness of Sexual energy, the beauty of it, know the power of it, the responsibility of it and honor that in themselves and one another.  

My websites are: and the Ecstatic Academy I love to dance with my Sistars at any opportunity that is presented, and I surrender to the unfolding that is yet to revealed. 

I celebrate BraveHeart Women, the Sisterhood and community.

Much love


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Intense Powerful Freaky Moon

Rev. Jaitara
Rev. Jaitara 3/22/2015