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Intuition - your inner compass

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  • 3/15/2015



I am a visionary woman from Germany and I found my way here to the BraveHeart Community not by chance. I am an inspired Anchor in Making for the BraveHeart Women Global Community and especially for this Community to ripple to Germany and all Europe, I believe in miracles and that all happens for a reason. In short, intuition is sparked from knowing what you want and why you want it. 

I am happy to connect with you and to enjoy the sparkling future, the joyful present and one day it will be a wonderful path with you. 

What you should also know is, I am an expert in youthful living and overcoming challenges in life. I am working from home and I have my international business and I am always happy to collaborate with other women. This is my business for wellness products . I wish you happy and fulfilled times for your life. 

My email address is I am happy to connect. 

Blissfully yours Silkie

What you would like to know about Silkie: She is an ambitious and successful women entrepreneur with her own worldwide company in Pro-Aging Technologies, offering a worldwide business opportunity from home and solutions for your day-to-day bathroom routine which makes you look and feel younger from the inside and outside. 

She has spoken on events to an audience of more than with 5.000 people. She is a business and private coach to women worldwide and supports women to be independent and free. Her coaching method is "Vision First".

She is a single mother of two adorable girls (14 and 6 years old) living and rippling with them together. She has found her soulmate and wonderful partner Hardy. She enjoys time with her kids, her partner, family and friends. She loves yoga, jogging, skiing, mountain bike rides, great tasty food (especially cheese (!) a good glass of red wine, a healthy and delicious lifestyle, meaningful conversations with friends and also listening to music and just relaxing at home. One favorite for her is traveling and staying curious. 

She loves to make a positive difference in the world. 

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Intuition - your inner compass

Silkie 3/15/2015