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It all started here!

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  • 2/28/2016


Brenda Gustin
Brenda Gustin

Welcome to Braveheart Women! As a member of this Community, I have the opportunity to learn and grow from a multitude and variety of like-hearted women. I appreciate how we are developing new relationships based on the essence and power within our(cell)ves and enhancing our lives by creating with our various abilities and inspiration to collaborate together.

We are gathering together, one-by-one, heart-to-heart within our neighborhoods and throughout the world. I am in-joy-ing a whole (k)new world that we have come to (k)now!

 Naturally Occurring Wonder-filled Moments!

I am pleased to be joining you on this Magical Mystery Tour of Life through simplicity and ease through Grace.

Our Harmony Circle at Carmichael Park in April, 2015 introduced 49 women to Ellie, Christy and the healing harmonies created when women gather and learn how to release oxytocin into their bodies and thereby their surroundings through the magnificence of their essence. As you learn more about the power of oxytocin, you will begin to experience a more expansive and loving heart grow within you.

Women who attended are still talking about the circle and many are teaching people in their life how to ignite the power of oxytocin in themselves and how to hug heart to heart. They are rippling this vibration out for more to enjoy this way of living viscerally, whole-heartedly!

Our Ripples continue on the 11th of each month. When the 11th is on a weekday, it is held from 6:30-8:30pm; on a weekend from 11am-1pm. Please RSVP, join our group and register at This helps us contact you in case changes take place. Change is good and is one thing we can always count on! :)


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It all started here!

Brenda Gustin
Brenda Gustin 2/28/2016