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Learning How to Be My Fabulous Self

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Anita Conway
Anita Conway

I am a woman in love with my life’s journey. I have a passion for a sisterhood that is growing each year. I joined BraveHeart Women on line in 2009. The special knowing that Dr Ellie Drake has about a woman’s physiology and how women can collaborate, create and prosper with more ease attracts me like a bee to a blossoming flower.

I became a BraveHeart Women Resonator in April of 2011. I have many BraveHeart sisters from around the world who are committed to coming together through the heart, without the mind, together as one.

My name is Harmony when I am in the region of Israel and Palestine.

BraveHeart Women are committed to collaborating and creating with ease, joy and prosperity. Living life with ease and creating prosperity with ease is our journey together.  With my sisters, it is always a journey a love and awareness, and we each evolve and blossom with ease in our own way as we shed layers of distorted energy.

It took me three years to evolve into launching a BraveHeart Women’s Chapter in the Hudson Valley. I am a retired design manager from the corporate world of promotions, advertising, computer games, medical instruments and consumer goods. My college degrees and professional career was in visual communication. Now in my second life, as a wiser woman, I am owning my voice, and speaking from my heart to women whose path has crossed mine for a reason. Thank you for assisting me on this part of my journey.  I hope that we can journey together for a while. I know that as we evolve the female gender evolves. And, for every layer of distorted energy I release, the female gender releases a layer also. As I learn to create and prosper so does the female gender. This is how we ripple.

I am answering a calling to create a better world. The same calling I had when I was a teenager. My life’s journey required that I travel other roads for a while before I arrived here. I would not change those learnings and experience. I treasure them. So I now have 65 yrs. expertise of being a woman, living in an adrenalized world, predominately controlled by distorted masculine energy.  This is what we together are changing. There is a global shift in energies happening. This shift is being sensed by aware peoples in all walks of life. You may be here to answer that same calling within you.  It starts with each one of us. And, together we can create a tipping point.

This is why I resonate with the vision of BraveHeart Women.

What I have learned over the past 6 yrs. with BraveHeart Women? I have learned that it is not a straight path to stepping into owning my voice. This is just me. I felt that I required time to transition, that I couldn’t just step into creating a BraveHeart Women’s Resonate Chapter. And so it was, because I made it so.  Be careful what you wish for and what you believe, because that is your truth. The community has embraced me no matter where I was on my journey.

Creating commUnity through female collaboration.

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Learning How to Be My Fabulous Self

Anita Conway
Anita Conway 3/5/2015