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My BraveHearted niece, Gina Marie Chavez, her Band and her Girls!

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  • 4/10/2015


Mama T
Mama T


Greetings from Moscow, Idaho!  In the skinny panhandle at the top- near spectacular Canada! 

I am a BraveHeart Woman since, well, forever…and now I'm home.   For a long time, I’ve known that women are the keys to bringing our wonderful, beautiful planet into balance, and that feminine energies are required to make that magic happen. 

In 2010, at the RISE Convention, I learned of the BraveHeart Vision for bringing that balance by gathering together brave-hearted women who are also being called to enliven their own feminine energies.  This CommUnity is destined to create together a new model of Prosperity and Purpose with Ease and Joy.  I knew at once, “This is what I’ve been looking for! We can work together to create a beautiful home for All the beings on this planet!” 

And now, with this amazing internet platform, so suited to bringing women from all over the world together to Be, Create and Collaborate joyously and harmoniously,  I can see that we have the potential to Do This Thing that we all Know we are here to accomplish.  Women are all about Love, and Love is the answer.  

Wholeheartedly, I look forward to participating with all of you in exploring all the possibilities, creating abundance and manifesting all the peace and prosperity we know is in our power as we birth this new way of living and loving together harmoniously. 

Some other things you may want to know about Mama T, aka Theresa or Mama T or Gramma T or TDB:

I was born in Texas, 3rd child of 5, Catholic education through the 12th grade, parents who adored one another, settling new territory in the suburbs of Dallas, TX. Being in the middle, I tried to stay under the radar and out-of-sight to survive peacefully.  I met my first husband in high school, married after our first year of college, had our daughter Somer in Austin, TX, and divorced after 3 years.  After raising her by myself and working for a wildcatter in downtown Dallas for 9 years, I met my soulmate, Scott, who took me away to Idaho in 1980.

Talk about H**l to Heaven!  Amidst the rolling wheat fields, near the forests and whitewater rivers, I worked with my Scotty in his photography business raising Somer until Kristina came along in '82, when I discovered what it was like to be a Stay-at-home Mom! Halleluia!

Our 3rd daughter, Cecelia, joined the family in '88, and our granddaughter, Candace, joined us in 1993.  All girls! In 2004, daughter Somer and partner Bobby brought their beautiful daughter, Angelina, into our lives when they moved to Moscow. We had a fantastic life, building and working the photography business, going to school and learning through living until Scott developed kidney cancer and died in 2006.  He was a spectacular man/human being, and we all loved him way big.

Since his death, I have been attempting to keep the business alive, and it's not my passion.  I am passionate about dancing and massage and healing.  “Mama T” has become my name since I began dancing at a local bar with live music downtown after coming back from my first BraveHeart Woman RISE Convention.  Through the experiences and trainings I’ve participated in since then, I fully realized that I could only have the life I wanted if I let myself pursue my passions.  No one else could give it to me.  Only me, myself and I.  And, I’m gonna live until I die anyway.  Why not live life full of passion and delight and self-expression?  Now, I have a whole array of young women, in particular, and men as well, who appreciate my joyous expression of my heart and soul as I dance, dance, dance all night long every chance I get!  I can’t tell you how this has changed my life.

This year, I became involved with a couple who are opening a Tavern that is a community gathering space, and am looking forward to bringing women together to Dance their "Buts" Off and create Harmony Circles and explore all the possibilities of creating a collaborative community.  Stay tuned.

I know there is no end to the possibilities for Being, Creating and Collaborating, and the tools and training I've received from participating in the BraveHeart CommUnity have given me the foundation and support for pursuing these passions from my Essence.  I look forward to being in communication and collaboration with any and all who care to join me/us in this enthusiastic exploration!

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My BraveHearted niece, Gina Marie Chavez, her Band and her Girls!

Mama T
Mama T 4/10/2015