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My RISE Experience

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  • 3/18/2015



I'm a Ripple Host in Harare, Zimbabwe; an advocate for Women's Healing & Empowerment, rippling  through Zimbabwe to the world. I' m also a certified Life coach and love writing about women's issues.

I got connected with Braveheart Women way back in 2011  and became actively engaged after attending RISE 2014 held in Los Angeles California and have been actively spreading the message of harmony within, between and beyond.

I just came back from another RISE 2015 , in the beautiful port city of Nazare, in Portugal. Oh what a fabulous, soulicious  and blossoming experience! I will do it again and again.

I'm a mother , leader, mentor and teacher all woven together. I seek to pursue my God-given purpose until I achieve that which I came here to do. To that end , I am open to impacting the lives of and  having my life impacted by the beautiful women in this Braveheart community.

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My RISE Experience

Mosline 3/18/2015