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Penny for Your Thoughts!

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  • 6/16/2015



I have had a journey through this life in ways of moving into understanding the dynamics of life and the interconnection between family and surroundings.  

I decided some years back once I knew that I had inherited the family gene of kidney disease to change my world.  In short, I left my husband, tried to change my life style and work habits to come into myself and 10 years ago my sister gave me the opportunity to move through by donating one of her kidneys to me.  My last 10 years have been coming back into  life once more though it has taken a different turn, it has remained the same in a general way of looking at things.  My parents have passed on and I realize how much they were part of my existence though we always say we are not our parents.  Mine were always there.  

I am opening up to new realities once more.

Love and Light



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Penny for Your Thoughts!

Roberta 6/16/2015