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Poop transplants can make you skinny?

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Annette ~ The Conscious Cowgirl Coach
Annette ~ The Conscious Cowgirl Coach




Welcome Braveheart Sisters!!!  I am honored to Be here on this journey of thriving on and In... the New Earth Energy of higher consciousness ... with you, and together as Us.

 I met BHW IN 2009 and have been inspired, uplifted, and "Called" to this delicious journey ever since.  

I have had an inspirational spark that has been burning brightly in the Natural Healing Arts and Love  Living Life with a Yee-HHaahhh style.   

A few of the studies I have embarked upon  include Certifications as ... a Chartered Herbalist, Iridologist, Access Bars Facilitator, Author, workshop facilitator, Horses and healing experiences, and a BHW Ripple host as well. 

 I have been in relationship for 20 years with my husband, and we have 2 teen-age boys ... along with 1 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 horses.  Country living has always been a part of me,  and I left the city  lifestyle  to live in a way that contributes to my sensitive nature and my love for wide open spaces to thrive.  

  In the Conscious Cowgirl Community, I enjoy assisting women in business, in transition & as leaders in their own lives,  to move beyond stuck or struggling energy, which allows their Natural state of  light-hearted living with passion & purpose to be enjoyed.  

It's all about Living with Un-Bridled Joy, Ease and Fun too!

I love this  Braveheart CommUnity of like Hearted women, where Together ... WE ... can Truly ...Thrive! 

Yee-Hhhahhh .. .Let's Ride the wave of Consciousness like never before.  

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Poop transplants can make you skinny?