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Processing Up to Raise Vibration

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susan s. in tucson
susan s. in tucson

My global and personal purpose is gathering happy-hearted women for friendship, community, fun, food, and creating our magnificence! 

My GP and PP also is, gathering women for the purpose of introducing them to the OXY breath and all that Braveheart Women offers.

Background goodies: Global Anchor [in the making], Local Anchor, Online Anchor, happy Local Ripple attendee since 2013. Taught The Work of Byron Katie, and Heart-Centered Communication (NVC by Marshall Rosenberg) 1998-2011.

Started doing a belly dance at the bus stop at 8 years. Became a social and competitive dancer in W. Coast Swing for 9 years as an adult. Now I jam in my dining room, like nobody's watching;)


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Processing Up to Raise Vibration

susan s. in tucson
susan s. in tucson 1/21/2016