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Self-Care: Allow Time for Pleasure

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Self-Care: Allow Time for Pleasure


Diana Anderson
Diana Anderson

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a loving family and wonderful loving friends. I grew up with lots of love. I appreciate what my parents taught me about love through their example. To a large degree love is something that we learn in our youth and throughout our lifetime. I am still learning about love, but what I do know is that it makes life better. If we have loving relationships we are blessed indeed.

Diana Anderson is the author of five books, a motivational speaker and coach. She speaks to large group or small about how to create a health relationship. She coaches passionate people about creating relationships that are fulfilling as well as coaching couples about loving interactions and women about improving their relationship.

About the Author:

Facts: Born in Kellogg, Idaho
Grew up in Boise, Idaho with one sister
Raised three daughters
Loves nature, water, trees, wildlife, the beach, people, writing, adventure, outdoor sports, travel and fun.

There is something in my heart that compels me to teach people about the value of profound, loving relationships. I’ve felt that experience and know the value of deeply loving someone and experiencing passion, connection, great physical pleasure and intimacy so powerful that the world disappears and all that is left is infinite love. It is this experience that I teach others how to achieve. With meaningful bonding, quality of life improves and women open up with more authentic expression, and the planet is filled with more love.

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Self-Care: Allow Time for Pleasure

Diana Anderson
Diana Anderson 6/17/2015
Self-Care: Allow Time for Pleasure