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This Blissful Journey: Navigating the bumps Day 2: Aug 5, 2015

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  • 8/5/2015



Hello beautiful women!

I always find writing about myself an interesting concept, mostly because I'm never sure what to share, partially because I think the world is a super funny place and I have a hard time being serious for too long, I mean so many things, well they just crack me up! 

Here's what you need to know! I love life. I love the planet and am passionate about preserving all of its wonders! I love the women I have met through BraveHeart (and a number I have met outside of BHW) and I will forever be grateful that I chose to following this calling. I have a dog named Cooper, a guy called Sam, and we love the outdoors. I entertain myself as an Interior Designer by day and Soulpreneur by night. I love exploring other cultures and I love to cook!

I live in Calgary, Canada so do stop by for a visit and we will Ripple some love and laughter!



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This Blissful Journey: Navigating the bumps Day 2: Aug 5, 2015

Velvet 8/5/2015