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We Are Wild Women...

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Hello BraveHeart Sisters! 

My name is Joy Perreras, I'm an Anchor, Guide, and Facilitator for BraveHeart Women Global Community.  I'm a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Clearer and Speaker.


I live in Boise, ID  I started my journey with BraveHeart Women at the RISE event of 2012 and became a Resonator which is now called a Ripple Host in the Summer of 2013 to compliment and enhance what I already do and already believe. This community has nourished me and my purpose in many aspects of my has enhanced me and what I do in the world with greater ease, courage and joy.

I have co-lead at a Conference for Global Transformation Breakout Session, introduced and lead Harmony circles in Asia and US, I've spoken in front of over a thousand women at the BraveHeartWomen RISE 2013 Event in Los Angeles and shared the stage with Ellie Drake, Marianne Williamson, Valerie Harper, Jamie Lee Curtis and many other visionary BraveHeart women. 

I've been a past Board Member of the United Nations Assoc-Pasadena Chapter, a past Board Member and Advisory Counsel of the Pacific Asian Counseling Service- LA, and a certified volunteer for the Glendale Domestic Violence Center for Women.  


I enjoy a good movie, deep conversations, great food, dancing, yoga, walking or biking along the Boise river.  I love both a quiet relaxing time at home and hanging having fun with family and friends.



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We Are Wild Women...

JoyP 6/20/2015