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What's Best Cooked In Your Oven?

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  • 12/28/2015



Hi all and thanks for stopping by to read my bio.

 My name is Amber and I am Brit.

I come from London and practically have been living here all my life, but not at the expense of not leaving my home city - I've travelled pretty much around the world, tasting different cuisines and getting to know different cultures which inspires me to blab every day on different blogs about foods, recipes and cooking tips.

My real-life job is a professional oven cleaner for a renowned oven cleaning and valeting company, located in London, near Camden. We offer various cleaning services for every nook and cranny in the kitchen, but only for domestic clients.

I also freelance articles and infographics, on various food topics. Feel free to drop me a message in case you want to collaborate on a project together.


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What's Best Cooked In Your Oven?

amberharding82 12/28/2015