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What is Love?

What is love? What you will be attracted to. Cause and effect, love is a very special and meaningful word that is different to each human being. To define love is complicated because every person has a different perception of love. The only way to capture the true meaning of love is to experience the feeling and find out for you, what love is.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014/Author: Kalista Chaffin/Number of views (4754)/Comments (0)/

Having Respect

What is Respect? Respect is really about what we admire in the world and in people. Respect means a lot of different things for different people. It includes taking someone’s feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, and wishes. You need to take all these seriously and give them worth and value.  You also need to include acknowledging that person, listening to them, being truthful with them, and accepting them for who they are.

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What does it mean to be happy? Of course, there is the definition of it being an experience that we know happens when there are certain levels of different chemicals in our brains. But, this only tells us what happens. What makes a person happy? To me, it could absolutely be anything! It could be a certain sport or activity that you enjoy, a special memory, important event in your life, family, friends, a loved one, a pet, etc.

Saturday, February 1, 2014/Author: Kalista Chaffin/Number of views (3930)/Comments (2)/

Gratitude and Inspiration

I have taken things in my life for granted and now I am able to see how important my life really is. I think at one point we all have taken something for granted, but you have to realize how lucky you are to be alive, breathing and being able to go out and make the world a better place. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014/Author: Kalista Chaffin/Number of views (5904)/Comments (8)/