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We highly recommend that you allow yourself to receive the benefits of the 4 week study group which goes along with your course and enhances your entire FSM journey.

Female Success Model ~ Study groups are hosted and guided by FSM Facilitators, and you can share about your process, ask questions, receive clarification, share insight, and begin to experience bigger success...

~ Each week, study groups envision meeting together in an exotic part of our planet... We often imagine that we are in places like a quaint cafe in Istanbul, Turkey, or a pool side canopy in Maui, Hawaii, or in a warm cozy thatched cottage on the foothills of Ireland... And then as we sip on our tea, we’ll begin our study group sessions together... It’s a very potent way to receive support, wisdom, and enjoy sisterhood.

~ FSM Facilitators guide the study groups in a very spontaneous and flowing manner, and in alignment with what works best for a woman’s physiology and her spirit. In this way, the facilitators help maximize your ability to receive the course knowledge and grow from it right in midst of our study group sessions...