DYBO is NOT an exercise class - it's a Movement!

Drop Mental, Emotional, and Physical Weight!

Although you’ll move your body as you dance your 'buts' off, this movement is about freeing yourself from your inner blocks. It is a transformational movement that frees the mind, heart, and soul and it happens to move the body too, so don’t be surprised if you drop some pounds!



Fun for All Ages, All Fitness Levels!


You don’t have to be a dancer. There’s no dress code and no difficult moves to learn  - just turn up the music, dance your ‘buts’ off, and have FUN! Participants never feel self conscious about their bodies or their clothing - show up in comfortable clothes, party dresses or corporate suits! 

DYBO Specialists provide a space that is both welcoming and liberating. DYBO also provides an opportunity for participants to connect with other women in a supportive atmosphere and lose physical weight through movement.


Benefits of DYBO

  • Boost your self esteem while reducing your waistline!
  • Release years of stale energy!
  • Rediscover your passion for life!
  • Experience joy and exhilaration through movement!
  • Have lots of fun while transforming your life!


Become a DYBO Specialist!

What if you could bring DYBO to your local area? If you're passionate about helping others reach their full potential - if you love to dance and connect - if you want to experience success and prosperity, then you could become a Certified DYBO Specialist! Remember - you don't have to be a dancer or a fitness expert! Yet you can be a catalyst for transformation in the lives of women in your community as they dance their 'buts' off!

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