Become a Certified DYBO Specialist!

A DYBO Specialist

What if YOU could bring DYBO to your local area?

If you're passionate about helping others reach their full potential - if you love to dance and connect - if you want to experience success and prosperity, then you could become a Certified DYBO Specialist!

Remember - you don't have to be a dancer or a fitness expert! Yet you can be a catalyst for transformation in the lives of women in your community as they dance their 'buts' off!


Why does DYBO appeal to you?

Love the idea of bringing transformation to other women in a fun yet meaningful way? Want to create an additional revenue stream? Perhaps you would like to help teenagers and young women build self esteem and confidence through DYBO? Did you know that DYBO certification isn’t just about learning how to help others? It’s an amazing, transformational journey of self discovery – a life-changing retreat with a focus upon your emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. In order to teach DYBO, you must first take the time to release your inner blocks and discover your Personal, Professional and Global Purpose!


Watch this video to hear how women's lives have been
transformed by practicing and teaching DYBO!


Reasons Women Become Certified DYBO Specialists

  • Some women simply transform! 
    They absorb BraveHeart Women's lessons for life and rise up to another level of self awareness with the ability to live their lives with ease and joy!
  • Many start their own tribes! 
    Comprised of women from their local community – transforming lives while creating prosperity for themselves..
  • Add DYBO to your portfolio! 
    Some work DYBO into their existing healing or fitness portfolio, integrating the principles and practices of DYBO into their current classes and programs.
  • Apply DYBO to your life! 
    Others take the powerful communication skills learned from DYBO and apply them to other areas of their lives – boosting their businesses and taking their professional and personal pursuits to new heights.

An Amazing Opportunity!

  • Expand

    your sense of courage and joy as you become a better communicator, a better entrepreneur and a better visionary! The powerful communication and life skills that you'll develop during your DYBO training will radically improve your professional and personal pursuits!

  • Create 

    prosperity at your own convenience - around your schedule! DYBO Specialists receive 100% of their membership fees!

  • Invest

    in your future! Start a brand new career as a DYBO Specialist or add your DYBO expertise to your portfolio of healing and life improvement skills!

  • Receive

    DYBO marketing materials; ongoing training via two (2) monthly group coaching calls; access to the DYBO Customer Care Support Team; updated choreography and playlists -  everything you need to create an incredible DYBO tribe!

  • Become 

    a catalyst for transformation - create a local tribe of inspired, purpose-filled women in your community!

DYBO Certification

It’s time to take inspired action! If you feel that DYBO Specialist Certification is the right path for you, don’t delay! DYBO Certification is available via online courses as well as periodic live trainings. This is a part-time opportunity that will have a full-time impact on your entire life! By becoming a DYBO Specialist, you’re going to become a more effective communicator, a more proactive entrepreneur and a more empowered visionary. You’re going to learn how to launch a movement!

Online DYBO Specialist Certification
Easy, affordable and fun, you can start a new career as a DYBO Specialist in the convenience of your own home! Starts sharing this transformational, celebratory experience with women in your local community!

  • Course offered through twelve (12) amazing modules over a period of 90 days!
  • Each week, you’ll receive an instructional video that walks you through a specific aspect of the DYBO philosophy and choreography
  • Simply complete the weekly Integration Quiz and Inspired Action Steps - and move on to the next module!
  • Benefit from the ongoing support and guidance of an experienced DYBO Specialist!
  • Receive everything you need to know about how to market and build your DYBO Tribe!

Live DYBO Specialist Certification
For women who wish to go a little deeper into their own personal DYBO journey while obtaining certification, live trainings are scheduled periodically at locations worldwide. While not necessary, live trainings are also highly beneficial as a supplement to online DYBO certification!

  • Taught by experienced Anchors and DYBO Specialists in locations worldwide
  • Incredible four-day training covers all aspects of DYBO, including teaching and personal applications
  • Special package includes meals and accommodations
  • Receive all the marketing materials required to create an amazing DYBO tribe in your local community!
  • Ongoing support and guidance from experienced DYBO Specialists!



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