You Can DYBO Anywhere!

DYBO On Your Own!

Totally unique and truly transformational, DYBO On Your Own is your personal, seven-day journey to emotional and mental freedom! Created by BraveHeart Women with a passion and deep commitment to bringing the life-changing joy of DYBO to the homes of women worldwide, DYBO On Your Own consists 
of seven five-minute video segments. Each segment covers specific movements that work energetically, scientifically, physiologically, biochemically and intuitively to allow you to release your ‘buts” and begin living your life to the fullest!

Yes! Just Five Minutes a Day for Seven Days.

Try it for a Month for Truly Astonishing Results!

DYBO On Your Own takes you through a remarkable five-step process of Recognizing, unRaveling, Releasing, Restoring and finally Rejoicing! In just five minutes per day, each of these specific formulas allow you to release stale energy and transcend to a whole new level of emotional and mental freedom!

The seven daily DYBO On Your Own segments each offer incredible, life changing benefits. Although each five-minute segment can be purchased and experienced individually, the results are significantly greater when all seven segments are practiced over a seven-day period for 30 days.  


Mind Field

  • Release mental chatter.
  • Increase your mental clarity.
  • Download insight with more ease.

Heart Gateway

  • Release stale energy from the heart center.
  • Enhance your connection to your purpose.
  • Restore your trust in the process.

Voice Expression

  • Release the fear of owning your voice.
  • Speak your truth with less fear.
  • Restore the connection to your intuitive voice.

Esteem Builder

  • Release constrictive energy.
  • Increase your self worth.
  • Blossom into your potential.

Creativity Boost

  • Release weeds of self judgment.
  • Increase your personal magnetism.
  • Embody your creative insights.

Grounded Courage

  • Release lack energ.
  • Expand your magnetic field.
  • Emanate authentic strength.

Self Expansion

  • Release perceived limitations.
  • Expand your non-physical aura.
  • Pulsate with possibility.

Insight Journals

To get the most out of your daily five-minute DYBO Segments, you can purchase and download accompanying Insight Journals!

Filled with customized visuals and questions, Insight Journals assist you in exploring your own personal blocks and how they relate to specific areas in your body.

The Complete DYBO On Your Own Package

Purchase the complete 7 part DYBO Segments & Insight Journals and:

RECEIVE a complete energetic makeover by releasing all seven primary emotional blocks.
RELEASE your 'buts' in the comfort of your own environment and at your own convenience!
RECEIVE greater clarity about your personal blocks and how they affect your life.
TONE and strengthen your self-esteem by shedding extra physical weight.
MOVE, groove and enjoy some time to yourself!


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