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Harmony Tours

Harmony Circles are sprouting up all over the planet! BraveHeart Women are enthused to bring this healing experience to women throughout the world by taking the Harmony Circles on tour! For over three years, the Harmony Tours have been bringing the transformational joy of the Harmony Circle into the hearts and homes of women throughout the world. Plans for new Harmony Tours across the globe are underway, so be sure to check back regularly for news and updates!

The 2014 Harmony Tour
In October, 2014, a group of dedicated BraveHeart Anchors traveled around Europe to host Harmony Circles. This was the first tour of its kind in Europe, and the Anchors were joyously overwhelmed by the warm and enthusiastic response of the women who gathered to experience Harmony for the first time. They began the tour in Lisbon, Portugal, moving on to Toulon, France, then to Frankfurt, Germany and Rotterdam, Holland - ultimately hosting their final Harmony Circles in the beautiful city of Cambridge, England. Now, Anchors are rising in each of these countries to continue hosting Harmony Circles and offer guidance and support to their European Brave Heart Sisters!


The 2011 - 2013 Harmony Tours
Traveling through the conflict zones of Israel and Palestine, BraveHeart Women hosted the very first Harmony Tour, joining Israeli and Palestinian women together in an intimate atmosphere of healing, connection and joy!  This Harmony project began in 2010 when eleven women from Israel and eleven from Palestine came together, on stage, at the BraveHeart Women annual Rise event. The remarkable success of this inaugural Harmony Tour inspired the launch of additional tours, creating and rippling transformation across language barriers, religions and borders!

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This tour is an ongoing blossoming of harmonic energy between the Western, Palestinian and Israeli women. Each one of you participating on this tour will see, feel, hear, taste and touch a broad view of life in this beautiful region.  You will see how similar in the end all of us are - our stories are the same, just a rearrangement of chapters and a different cover.

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Ellie at Harmony Circle Tour

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