Host A Harmony Circle!

Once you've experienced the bliss of a Harmony Circle, you may feel compelled to spread the joy! So go for it! Gather together your sisters, daughters, mothers, grandmothers and girlfriends and share this remarkable experience of collaboration and connection! Allow other like-hearted women in your community to join you by creating your own Harmony Circle Group! It's entirely up to you -- meet on a weekly or monthly basis and the benefits will ripple to every aspect of your life:

  • Heal your relationship to your own divine feminine energy, strengthening a positive self-image
  • Transform the distorted view of other women that keeps us in isolation
  • Enhance your professional success with the creative fire of collaboration
  • Become part of a collective movement of women who consciously contribute to harmony on the planet
  • Learn how to maintain a sense of ease by releasing Oxytocin in your body



Create A Harmony Circle

Spread the Joy!

It was such a powerful and visceral experience and something huge opened up inside me. Something so much bigger than anything I have ever felt before. I knew in every cell in my being that I would do everything in my power to bring the experience of the Harmony Circle to my town, to my daughters, to my sisters, to my friends and women I knew and women I had not yet met.  Sarah Amos, Harmony Facilitator

The Harmony Circle Pledge

  • Harmony Circles are free events - I will never charge a fee for hosting a Harmony Circle
  • I will never accept donations in return for hosting a Harmony Circle
  • I will not use Harmony Circles as an opportunity to promote other products or services.
  • I will not serve alcoholic beverages when I host a Harmony Circle
  • I will always maintain the integrity of the Harmony Circle and will not combine the experience with any other service, event or offering

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