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About BraveHeart Women

BraveHeart Women is an Online Women's Community comprised of hundreds and thosands of women.

BraveHeart Women is an online Women's Community comprised of hundreds of thousands of women from all walks of life.

Entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, healers, stay-at-home mothers, musicians, educators -- all are members of this collaborative, global community!

As BraveHearted Women, we blossom into our personal purpose when we shed outmoded beliefs and self-imposed limitations, and begin expressing the potency of our Essence. This allows us to ignite and actualize our professional purpose, which then creates the prosperity required to fuel and expand our global purpose. Join one of our successful women's group and become the successful woman entrepreneur you have always wanted to be.

With all the platforms, tools, courses and live events women require to start taking inspired action steps on their path of blossoming, BraveHeart Women is an ever-expanding community of women who resonate with the call to express their individual Essence, birth their professional vision, and contribute to a collective shift toward harmonious collaboration. Welcome Home!

BraveHeart Women: An Evolutionary Movement

For years, BraveHeart Women have fine-tuned and enhanced a wide variety of transformational tools and formulas designed specifically to assist women in recognizing, honoring and fulfilling their true personal, professional and global purposes here on this planet. We have developed programs to encourage living joyously, harmoniously and prosperously. We have also created global online and offline platforms to bring women together on this amazing path to be, create and collaborate. BraveHeart Women worldwide are recognizing the incredible inherent power that lies dormant within each of us. Most importantly: We are demonstrating as we tap into this innate power and connect in the authentic spirit of collaboration, that the results are truly magnificent.

The BraveHeart Women Global Community is a shining example of the evolution of women on our planet. Our anchoring energy of “Be, Create, Collaborate” is enhancing our lives. BraveHeart Women is an organism, not an organization. We are a living, breathing, ever evolving community of female visionaries and there are no executives deciding on what will benefit them. We are simply a community of women shining our light on the path for ourselves and others while making decisions that are in true alignment with the highest good of our humanity and our planet... We want to succeed to expand our Vision of community, oneness, and collaboration... and we are courageously and vulnerably continuously stepping forward and onward to ripple just that…Your BraveHeart Sisters welcome you into a community of women who care, are committed, and are taking inspired actions to ripple ever higher vibrations of love and courage…


This is the Story of BraveHeart Women

Only five years and this is the magnitude of what we have created together!

Be, Create, Collaborate

Watch this brief video for a fun and fascinating overview of the story of the BraveHeart Women Global Community! This is the amazing story of how one young woman discovered her true path as a Female Visionary - traveling from Iran to the United States to discover, ignite and embrace her Personal, Professional and Global Purpose on this planet. Carefully nurtured from conception to birth - through the toddler years and beyond - the BraveHeart Women Vision has now grown to become a living, breathing, shining example of an incredible new stage in the evolution of women on our planet. The central tenets of its anchoring philosophy, “Be, Create, Collaborate” have now become a very real way of life for the members of the BraveHeart Women community. Watch and enjoy!