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About BraveHeart Women

BraveHeart Women is a global community for women of all ages and from all walks of life – a place that inspires women to “be, create and collaborate.”

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BraveHeart Women has hundreds of thousands of members worldwide, comprised of female entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, healers, stay-at-home mothers, musicians, educators and many more. BraveHeart Women provides members with a social platform for connection and collaboration. Women have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally with a wide variety of tools, courses, live events, business opportunities and educational experiences. BraveHeart Women is deeply committed to the promotion of environmentally friendly goods, services and causes, which are actively promoted via live events, BraveHeart TV, articles, newsletters and The Hug. For interviews and media inquiries, please request a conversation with Ellie Drake.

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Products & Services

BraveHeart Women Membership

Membership is free, providing women with the benefit of access to the BraveHeart Women community for connection, camaraderie, self expression, and personal, professional, global purpose development.

Members can post status updates and blogs, they can create and join groups, start public discussions, participate in private forums, announce and share events, share photos, videos and much more.


A catchy acronym for Dance Your ‘Buts’ Off...Not the butts you sit on, the ‘buts’ you live in…

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DYBO assists women improve their sense of emotional, mental and physical well being. ‘Buts’ is a play on words, referring to the ways in which women often limit themselves due to fear and self doubt; for example, Jane Smith would love to do something – but she’s too busy – but she’s too tired – but she doesn’t have what it takes. DYBO is a fun, highly effective activity for women of all ages.

BraveHeart Women offers DYBO Specialist certification and ongoing training and marketing support. The enthusiasm for certification continues to grow and currently certification is available via both online and live courses. DYBO has received celebrity endorsements from Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with the Stars, Estelle Harris of the TV show Seinfeld and two time Oscar nominated singer/songwriter Siedah Garrett.


BraveHeart Women offers an advanced training journey for certification as a Resonator.

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Resonators receive incredible training on being a professional community creator... Certified Resonators can start their own “Resonate Chapters” in their communities. Resonate chapters are a space where women can receive continuous insight on how to live a high vibrational lifestyle of Oxytocin and Ease, while tuning into their inner Visionary’s desire to create progressive results. More and more women around the world are beginning to resonate with the message of ease, harmony, and prosperity born through female intuition and insight.

BraveHeart Network

Members and non-members alike can enjoy hundreds of inspiring TV programs broadcast across the Web via BraveHeart Women TV.

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Currently, many in depth interviews offer an entertaining mix of insights and inspiration featuring celebrities such as Dr. Maya Angelou, Mariel Hemingway, Tippi Hedren, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Wagner, Morgan Fairchild, Leeza Gibbons, Susan Anton, Tracy Gold, Gloria Loring and many more.

Harmony Circles

Harmony Circles are experiences where women come together and acknowledge their similarities, celebrate differences, and joyously connect with themselves and one another.

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During Harmony Circles, obsolete patterns such as competition are released, as women acknowledged that the evolutionary programming that keeps them stuck in fight, flight, and freeze is no longer relevant to a new space collaboration. Harmony Circles draw women of the shadow, equipping them with tools to unleash their creative potential and therefore become the catalyst for a massive global shift toward harmony!

Courses for Personal and Professional Development

BraveHeart Women offers a variety of courses that address personal growth and the needs of professional women in search of tools for continued success in their chosen field.

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Some courses are offered online only, in the form of interactive video courses. Others are classroom based and require on-site attendance.

  • Quantum Journey - Quantum Journey - This 28-week online webinar course assists women in reaching their full potential in many areas of life. It consists of six modules: Female Success Model, Female Prosperity Model, The New Healer Series, Female Business Model, Female Revenue Model and Female Sales Training.
  • Female Blossom Experience - This advanced live course empowers women to find new direction, joy, fulfillment, and purpose in their lives by learning how to release significant inner blocks.
  • Beyond - This is a monthly or annual, subscription-based course of 12 monthly group coaching calls. These calls include insight as to how women can focus and channel their energies to achieve their goals.

The Hug

The Hug is a revolutionary platform focused on conscious consumerism and designed to support business owners, professionals and visionaries in selling their products and services within a true, virtual marketplace for Mother Earth.

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Products and services must meet stringent standards for environmental safety and sustainability. BraveHeart Women members and non-members can sell their products and services on The Hug, which is open to male and female vendors. Conscious entrepreneurs have traditionally been faced with significant challenges in utilizing the right technology platform and generating the right traffic when selling their products and services - The Hug resolves both of these issues.

The Hug offers different membership levels depending upon the number of products or services the vendor wishes to sell. The Hug was created in alignment with BraveHeart Women’s inspiration to protect the planet by nurturing the development of eco-friendly businesses and conscious entrepreneurs.


BraveHeart Women hosts RISE – an annual event held over four days and nights.

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Every year, BraveHeart Women members from all over the world gather at this transformational event to listen to presentations delivered by a wide variety of female visionaries. RISE is a perfect opportunity for women to sample all of the courses, classes and experiences that the BraveHeart Women community has to offer. At Rise, many women recognize their gifts, and acknowledge their voice within the BraveHeart Women movement.